West Branch, Michigan

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Jana (Auer) Healey (1971)


1998 - 2008I am currently the assistant manager at the Lumberjack here in West Branch. I am also on the city council in Rose City so I am keeping busy.

John   (posted on 10-20-08)
My son John is in the Air Force stationed in Mountain Home Idaho. I went to visit him in March when he returned home from Iraq. Looks like John will be a lifer, he just made Tech Sgt. John is a firefighter, emt.
GRANDMA!  (posted on 10-20-08)
My son Jeffery and his wife Sarah have blessed me with twin boys on August 30th. Joshua and Hayden are doing great. Their little family lives in Phoenix, way to far away for Grandma! I did get to visit in September for a week.

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